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Prototyping involves more than just the creation of a tactile mockup. It’s both a proof of concept based on the customers specification resulting in precision-crafted parts / components. For that reason, new product designs generally go through several prototype iterations before they are deemed ready for manufacture.Whereas it’s common to think in terms of a single prototype, the process, in fact, typically results in the creation of multiple iterations. Indeed, the design process can usually see many prototype phases.

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What is Our Prototype Process

We have partitioned the prototyping process into various phases resulting in proof of concept. Each phase represents a step forward along the prototype roadmap and corresponds increasing knowledge and Technology Readiness. Depending on what stage along the process you are, the tools, methods, decisions and challenges will be different.

Materials used:- Aluminum, Composites,Carbon Steel, Non-Ferrous,Plastics,Titanium

Assembly & fitting of Machined Components

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Some of Our Prototype Projects

Prototype Housing
Manufactured from solid Alluminium billet
Throttle Bodies
Manufactured for a V5 Moto GP engine by 5-axis machining
Actuator Body
Using 5-axis machining with multiple CAD/CAM programmes